Sexy Patty

Image by cleopatra69 via Flickr

I have been writing poetry ever since I learned how to print.  My muses are Nature, Love and Humor.  In the last several months, after losing both my father and brother eight months apart, I have discovered a new muse called Sorrow.

“A Family of Eight”

“A Man Called Joe”

“At Crooked Tree”

“Contemplation, Cowles Mountain”

“Diving La Jolla Cove”


“Duck Soup”

“Empty Lake”

“Ghost of Harry Washington”

“Grandma’s Teeth”

“Happy Bowls”

“Happy New Year”

“His Spirit of  Choice”

“Hotel Lycabette”

“I Don’t Mourn the Cold Place”

“In the Basket”

“Leaving Mesquite”

“Ode to Dino”

“Pink Ladies”


“Red Tail Hawk”


“Shark Crazy”

“They Keep The Alligator”

“Valentine’s Day

“What Women Love”

“You, the Sea and Me”

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